Morgan River Aussies
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Welcome to the homepage of Morgan River Murray Grey Beef Cattle.  We raise all natural purebred registered seedstock in the beautiful Western Oregon Coast Range foothills with no vaccines (except Bang's for the heifer calfs to prevent brucellosis, or bovine abortion), hormones of any kind or other drugs such as antibiotics.  Our operation is completely grass fed, no grain or alfalfa, and our calves consistently gain well above average on our grass alone.  Every year we raise a calf crop for sale to ranchers and hobbyists.  Because we breed for quality, not quantity, we usually sell out shortly after the last calf is born, so if you would like to be on the list for a calf for the year, you need to contact us as soon as possible.  There is a non-refundable $300 deposit per calf.  Murray bulls cross especially well on Hereford cows, bringing exceptional marbling and nice temperament to the calves.  To see pedigrees and EPD's on our cows and bulls, visit the American Murray Grey Association website at and click on pedigree/EPD search.  Our ranch prefix is Morgan River.  We are BreedPlan members, meaning all our breeding stock is registered with BreedPlan to collect breeding data to insure the most accurate EPD's possible for our breeding stock.

A few words on cost and pricing.  We are always, ALWAYS negotiable on prices, especially for 4H and multiples as well as those buyers incurring other expenses such as shipping.  We will not, however, give away high quality cattle for less than auction prices.  These cows and calves are of top quality, and that should always cost more than an unknown quantity, which is what you get at auction.  Not only can you see at least the sire and dam, but older siblings at times.  Prices are based on the estimated worth of a particular cow, calf or bull depending on factors such as EPD's and pedigree as well as what that cow or bull has produced in the past, and what that calf has the potential to produce.  There are few unknowns when purchasing a long term investment such as a cow, calf or bull from a small, serious producer, whereas buying something at auction is a complete throw of the dice.  Thus, the price difference.  Don't hesitate to contact us about working with you on prices.  We want our seedstock on your ranch, working for you. Please note - pricing on calves is pre-weaning.  They will go up at weaning.
Our Senior Herdsire, JB Roar
Our Junior Herdsire, Morgan Rivers Dillinger

List of Reference Sires from the H Diamond MG site

Our Harem

JB Ruffian, Senior Cow - aka Ruffie
Cabin Fever Miss Millie - aka Millie Moo
Morgan Rivers Yankee Lady - aka Joy

For Sale

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JB Ranch
Richards Grass Fed Beef, California
4B Station Murray Greys
Trace Hallow Grass Fed Beef

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Ethan at 7 Weeks
2017 Calves
Morgan Rivers Expresso 'Ethan' -$ 2550
DOB 19 Jan BW 77#, pictured at 7 weeks old
JB Roar X Cabin Fever Miss Millie
Black bull calf, full brother to Cyclone (Washington)
Morgan River's Esther - SOLD
DOB 3 Feb BW 78# Pictured at 5 weeks
JB Roar X JB Ruffian
Dark heifer