Morgan River Aussies
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The future (hopefully!) arrived at PDX on the 23rd of January.  Yes, Shelly and I flew to Texas to pick up Rosie from Jamie at Cut'n'Loose Aussies.  It was a whirlwind trip, exactly 25 hours, and we are pretty excited, because in 2020, there could be Ho puppies FINALLY on the ground!

Fingers crossed that she turns out to be everything her pedigree and older siblings show she can be!

We started a new dog blog,
for all the owners of pups from both litters to post pictures and stories.  Check it out!

You can check out Timber (Hoke X Cricket 2012, now in Germany) pups at the following websites:

M&M Aussies (Timber's owners)
Keep Smiling Aussies
Scarlott Aussies - click on 'Welpen 2014' below picture

Pix are updated on the dog blog more often than here, so don't forget to check it out!

Hoke X Cricket 2010 and 2012 - Click here to see the  pedigree of this cross
14 weeks old, with great uncle Ho Dog (WTCh Morgan Rivers Pay Day RTDsc HSAs HTDIg HRDIIs HATDIIs CGC DNA-VP) showing her style.  Sybil is being started by our stockdog trainer Dave Viklund to take her great uncle's place on the ranch
6 weeks old, first time ever on stock, working the ducks beautifully
Little Jan at 7 weeks, doing an outstanding job with her ducks, first time out.  Of course, we know that girls rule.  Just ask her owner's cows about who rules their roost.  A hint - it ain't the bull!  Jan is also being started by Dave, mostly to help Don utilize her effectively on his cattle.  She does pretty good on her own, and Don is getting some 'steering' help from Dave
Hank gets after 'em, his first time out at just shy of 6 weeks old.  He could NOT wait to get out of my arms the second he saw the ducks, and his talent far exceeds expectations!  Right now he spends most of his time traveling with Mark and Mark's red tri bitch Fussbudget in their RV, but the future holds stockdog training and possibly some conformation ring appearances
Some of the pups from the August 2010 litter in action back then.....
Sybil, spayed red merle/white bitch, owned by us
Henry, neutered red tri dog, owned by Kris, Guy and his late great-grandma Catera, our first HOF dam, in San Diego
6 weeks old, first time ever on stock, and doing a great job.  Henry has loads of talent and is currently in training with Tom of Southern Cross Aussies in Ramona, California, breeder of Henry's sire, Hoke.
Cody, neutered red merle dog, owned by Jim and Vonnie and family in Wisconsin
Jan, red/white spayed bitch, owned by Don and Donna, Bellfountain, Oregon
Hank, red tri dog, owned by Mark of Alabama
Riley, neutered red tri dog owned by Leslie and Anna of Eugene
At 6 weeks old, Riley showed great promise his first time out, with a lot of patience and his momma's strong eye.  He earned his CGC (AKC Canine Good Citizen) certificate on his first birthday, and is in training for agility, Rally-O and obedience.
Riley, 7 weeks old
Hank at 6 weeks old shows how annoying he will be early on.  Momma Cricket is about to discipline his little red butt for being obnoxious.
Cody meets JB Romance Rose, Murray Grey cow
Timber and a ram in Germany, flanked by daughters Yuma the cover pup (out of Dala) and Marie (out of Ylvie)